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Learn about Neurodiversity and how to bring our Neurodivergent people best abilities at work and be supported.

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What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a variation of how some people’s brains and cognition works. This can mean differences in how they learn, socially interact and experience the world.

Some examples of Neurodiversities include Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia, however there are many more such as epilepsy, OCD and Tourette syndrome.

Disclaimer: As you will learn everyone with a Neurodiversity is different. There is a saying if you have met one Autistic person then you have met ONE Autistic person. This applies for every other neurodiversity, everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and sits differently on the spectrum of the Neurodiversity they have.

Our Vision

Socius XR emerged out of The University of Auckland, Centre for Innovation & Entreprenurship Incubator Summer Lab and went on to be powered by the Westpac NZ Government Innovation Fund for the Future of Work. We provide simple, fun micro-courses designed with leading Neurodiversity support organisations in New Zealand for you to easily understand Neurodiversity and support your Neurodivergent team members.