ADHD at Work

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition that involves attention being affected, either resulting in losing focus or hyper focus.

In the world of work...

People with ADHD tend to value greatly from flexible work environments.

Meet Cory

Hi, I’m Cory

I’m the Lead Graphic Designer at Davis Funerals. Although I am not formally diagnosed with ADHD, I believe my unique perspective and way of thinking has helped me understand people from all walks of life. I’m a firm believer that we need to move away from doing things the same way and instead create a better working system by taking the time to understand how different people think and learn. I hope that my story helps foster a greater understanding and inclusivity in the workplace, by encouraging others to embrace different perspectives and find new and innovative solutions.”

Cory May

Lead Graphic Designer at Davis Funerals


Question 1

What is a potential strength associated with ADHD in the workplace? (Click the correct answer)

Question 2

What is a potential challenge for an employee with ADHD in a traditional office setting? (Click the correct answer)

Question 3

How can employers support employees with ADHD in the workplace? (Click the correct answer)

Disclaimer: As you will learn everyone with a Neurodiversity is different. There is a saying if you have met one Autistic person then you have met ONE Autistic person. This applies for every other neurodiversity, everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and sits differently on the spectrum of the Neurodiversity they have.